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TAG: RUS PF (4/4, 5/4)



GRADE NOTES: Grade is designed to offer the end user a product which is suitable for ripping or

 chopping to obtain a "Knotty/Rustic" appearance.  Suitable for doors, cabinets, 

 moulding and custom millwork.

YIELD: Best face cutting yield not less than 80 % of the surface measure.  Knots on the 

reverse side can be large & unsound, but may not interfere with the structural integrity

of the piece or the best face appearance.

MINIMUM CUTTINGS: Full available width x 2' with one 4" x 7' cutting

Cuttings will admit sound knots, bird pecks, light stain, streaks or their equivalent as

described in "Sound Cuttings".  Star checked & split knots, not materially impairing 

the sound, rustic appearance & strength of a cutting shall be admitted.  Holes are not 

considered a defect on an otherwise exceptionally good appearance board if they do not go through the piece. Knots must be predominately sound & graded for appearance on the best face.

LENGTH: 6' or longer

WIDTH: 4" & wider

COLOR: Blue stain is unlimited on the back with minimal light stain on the face.

WANE: Wane is limited to 3/4" x 2' in length on a 10' board, & 3/4" x 16" in length on an 8' 

board & 1/2 of the thickness.


PITH:  is allowed up to 1/2 the length of the board

SPLITS: Are to be minimal and will not be considered part of the yield

SIDE BEND:  5/8" max.

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