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TAG: PF (4/4, 5/4)



GRADE NOTES: Used for rustic and distressed furniture, cabinets, moulding and doors.

Cut from the heart of upper grade logs

Structural and appearance grade with scattered sound and unsound defects

YIELD: 80% yield to structurally sound fiber

Unsound defects greater than 1" limited - typically four or less

Sound knots will generally not exceed 1 3/4" in diameter - use good judgement

Cuttings; Intended for full width chops (wane not considered)

LENGTH: 6' and longer

WIDTH: 4" and wider

No more than 5% of pieces will fall below minimum width

COLOR: Sticker stain not accepted

WANE: No greater than 1/12 of the surface measure


PITH: No restriction: Grader discretion

SPLITS: Maximum allowance is twice the surface measure in inches

SIDE BEND: 5/8" max.

BARK STREAKS (open); Maximum allowance is twice the surface measure in inches

Miss and Skip light to moderate only

SHAKE: Not Admitted

SPIKE KNOTS: limited; sound integrity and appearance - grader discretion

PKND (Pin Knot No Defect)

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