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FRAME (FR) grade boards provide structural grade boards for upholstery frame construction.

Frame grade, if selectively ripped, will yield a balanced number of long rails and shorter parts to construct a normal mix of sofa and chair frames.

Widths: 4 inch minimum.

Lengths: 6 foot minimum.

Minimum Size Cuttings: Minimum of one sound cutting 4 inches by 6 feet. 4 inches by 2 feet sound cuttings. No Limit to the number of cuttings allowed.

Grade Notes: This grade admits all boards of 2 feet and over surface measure yielding not less than 66 2/3 percent sound cuttings. Rules apply to both faces.

Cuttings: will be reasonably flat and straight and, may contain bark pockets, season checks, slight surface shake that does not impair the strength of the cutting, firm tight pith and stain.

Worm holes and other holes that do not exceed 1.5 inches in 4 to 5 inch wide cuttings and 2 inch in 6 inch (and wider) cuttings will be allowed.

Wane:  limited to 25 percent of the width and 50 percent of the length. Wane may be divided, showing on both board edges.

Side Bend: limited to 1inch.

Sound Knots: to not exceed 50 percent of the width of the cutting and, other defects that do not impair the strength of the cutting more than these listed defects are admitted.

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