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TAG: CUSTOM SHOP (4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4)



GRADE NOTES: Comparable to NHLA's #1

Graded from the best face

Used in cabinet doors, case goods, panels and millwork

YIELD: Best face: Minimum 66 2/3% clear 1-face cuttings (sound backs admitted)

Minimum cutting sizes: 4" x 2' or 3" x 3' 

Reverse face of cuttings; sound - as in "sound cutting" definition

LENGTH: 6' and longer

WIDTH: 4" and wider

No more than 5% of pieces will fall below minimum width

COLOR: Minimal color (blue stain, sticker stain, bleaching) allowed outside the cuttings.

All other color graded into #1 stain; depending on severity

WANE: No restrictions; Grader discretion


PITH: No restriction: Grader discretion

SPLITS: No restriction: Grader discretion

Moderate side bend, twist, or warp allowed - typically 1" or less

PKND (Pin Knot No Defect)


CUSTOM SHOP COLOR (CUS COLOR) is a high-grade board sorted for clear one-face (C1F) utilization. Middle to long C1F cuttings (24-60 inches) with heavy discoloration of white blotchy sticker impression or blue stain in the clear one face cuttings.

Widths: 4 inch minimum, admitting 5 percent (by volume) narrows.

Lengths: 6 foot minimum

Minimum Size Cuttings: 3 inch by 3 feet or 4inch by 2 feet. No limit to number of cuttings allowed.

This grade admits all boards of 2 feet and over surface measure yielding not less than 66 2/3 percent clear, one-face (C1F) cuttings with the reverse side of the cuttings sound

Side Bend: limited to 1 inch.

Pin Knots: not considered defect.

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