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TAG: SUPERIOR (4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4)



GRADE NOTES:  Long and wide clear face cuttings; High yield for users requiring multiple rips and chops

YIELD: Best face: Minimum 83 1/3% clear face cuttings

MINIMUM CUTTINGS: 4" x 3' or 3" x 6'

REVERSE FACE:  CAB grade or better (66 2/3% in 4" x 2' or 3" x 3' cuttings)

LENGTH: 6' and longer

WIDTH: 4/4: 4 1/2" and wider

5/4: 4 1/2" and wider

No more than 5% of pieces will fall below minimum width

COLOR: Minimal color (blue stain, bleaching) allowed outside the cutting area

All other stain graded into Sup Color; depending on severity

WANE: Best Face: Maximum wane 1/12 of surface area

REVERSE FACE: Not to exceed 1/2" in width by 1/2 the length in the aggregate,

 may be divided equally on both edges.

WANE: is usually found in narrow strips along one or both edges on either face


PITH: Maximum allowance is - pith in inches equal to twice the surface measure in feet

SPLITS: Maximum allowance is twice the surface measure in inches

SIDE BEND: 5/8" max.

TAPER: Not to exceed 1/4"

PKND (Pin Knot No Defect)


SUPERIOR COLOR (SUP COLOR) is a top of the line product. Includes all NHLA Firsts, Seconds,FAS1F and most Select boards, but with heavy discoloration of white blotchy sticker impression or blue stain in the clear face cuttings.

Widths: 4 inch minimum, admitting 5 percent (by volume) narrows.

Lengths: 6 foot minimum.

Minimum Size Cuttings: 3 inch by 6 feet or 4 inch by 3 feet. No limit to number of cuttings allowed.

This grade admits all boards of 2 feet and over surface measure yielding not less than 83 1/3 percent clear face cuttings, with the reverse side of the board grading Cabinet.

Wane: is limited to 1/12 the surface area of the board on the Superior face. The reverse side of the board the aggregate wane will not exceed 1/4 the width by 3/4 the length, or 1/3 the width by 1/2 the length. Wane may be divided, showing on both board edges.

The aggregate inches of Pith length will not exceed 2 times the surface measure of the board.

The aggregate inches of Split length will not exceed 2 times the surface measure of the board.

Splits: diverging more than 1inch per foot, in length, are not admitted, except when 1 foot or shorter and within one lineal foot from the end of the board, leaving at least 50 percent clear wood and not less than 25 percent sound wood in aggregate.

Side Bend: is limited to 5/8 inch.
Pin Knots: are not considered defect.

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